Dr.Sirikul Laukaikul

Dr. Sirikul established her own consulting firm after working for global corporations for nearly twenty years. The mission of her firm is to be a small but competent strategic advisory company with the aim of working with Thai clients who truly believe in sustainable branding and systematic methodology. Her approach to develop brand strategy is based upon the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

With a background ranging from creative to management to professional training plus her own unique combination of creative flair and strategic thinking, Nui is a “one-of-a-kind” consultant who can provide strategic and holistic recommendations that are sensible and practical for each client’s issues.

Her strength is Brand Strategy Development, Branded CSR, and Brand-led Business Planning. She is the author of Build Brand and Sufficiency Branding, Sustainable Brand pocket books. In addition, she is a special lecturer for Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok University and to name a few.

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