Chef Prin Polsuk

Chef Prin Polsuk, from Thailand, had worked at the award-winning Nahm restaurant in London for years before his return to Bangkok to hold a position of Head Chef at the very same restaurant in his home country. With a strong commitment to cook the best Thai dishes, he has brought Nahm restaurant in Bangkok to be listed in World’s 50 best restaurant and earn Michelin one-star in 2018.

For more than a decade, he has been enchanted by the Thai culinary tradition. His passion is on researching the old traditional Thai recipes, and forgotten ingredients as well as re-interpreting and reviving them with respect into his unique dishes. By growing up in a farm family, the homemade-style cooking of local Thai dishes has embedded in his memoir.

Recently, in 2017, he co-founded the educational platform for Thai food named “Samrub for Thai” (สำรับสำหรับไทย), where he has advocated the value of local ingredients and Thai cuisine from its root to the world in his small private kitchen restaurant.


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