Sustainable Brands 2017 Bangkok this November, we will have coffee area that serves only sustainable coffee. Sustainable coffee is coffee grown in a manner that is kind to the environment and its people.

Sustainable Agriculture is way to keep coffee farming sustainable. The production of food, plant and animal products using alternative farming techniques that brings greater good for business, people and planet- has brought significant benefits in the way which agriculture boost a better and equal development.

For instance, environmental preservation is perhaps the first benefit that may come to people’s mind when talking about Sustainable agriculture. And it’s true, without relying on toxic chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or modified seeds, among others, the environment is highly beneficiated. However, health of communities, workers and consumer is also significant beneficiated by these responsible and sustainable practices. Moreover, sustainable farms also strengthen local and regional economies, creating good jobs and bringing younger generations back to farming as a save and profitable way of live.


The benefits of new approaches such as sustainable agriculture or Sufficiency Economy Philosophy have had remarkable impact on rural areas of agricultural base countries such as Thailand.

Akha Ama coffee, was born from the purposes of Lee-Ayu Chuepa, a young Akha village man, on bringing equity and greater good to the living conditions of those local farmers involved in the production of coffee, particularly in Akha village in Ban Mae Chan Tai located in the northern part of Thailand. In order to reach that great purpose, he started helping the coffee farmer to develop a better-quality coffee and then distributing their products to the market. However, Lee-Ayu did not rice up the prices, rather he made sure to cover the prices at a reasonable fare rate while ensuring that farmers also had healthy returns.

Today, Akha Ama Coffee is a coffee production business well known all across the country. Akha Ama is run by the Akha ethnic Thai village of Maejantai whose vision and trust in the future had convinced the people of her village to combine their strengths to not only produce, but also process and market their own coffee.

Akha Ama coffee beans are organically grown in a sustainable way in orchards which are owned, tended and harvested by the Akha people of the village of Maejantai. These mixed orchards include other fruit trees and vegetables, and are located in the mountains of Northern Thailand, in Chiang Rai Province. The precision with which the whole process is executed, guarantees the consistent high cup quality that is the hallmark of Akha Ama coffee.

The Akha people are excellent growers and masters of turning steep mountainsides into fertile land. They also have a unique set of rules and regulations called “Akhazangr”, which can best be translated as “traditions as handed down by the fathers”. These rules are based on the collective wisdom of more than 60 generations of Akha people, much of which is centered on nature and the need to practice a sustainable form of agriculture to ensure self-sufficiency.

With Akha Ama coffee initiative younger generation of the village have had the option to return home and work for their families. Akha Ama has also endeavored in passing on knowledge among new generations of Akha Ama and consumers with a project called “The Coffee Journey.

As a Social Empowered Enterprise, Akha Ama coffee strongly believes that anyone can start a social enterprise anywhere in the world. Moreover, when the purpose of that enterprise is based on sustainability, in this case, sustainable agriculture. As Lee states, “Let’s work together to a more sustainable future, it doesn’t matter if you’re a farmer or a balcony gardener, everyone can do something. Just by spreading the word to other people you are already helping.”